Fundraising Made Easy

This unique program is designed to make fund-raising as easy as possible for your church or non-profit organization to implement.

GOODLIFE USA is a private wholesale travel and lifestyle benefits club, whose members enjoy prices, discounts, and services not available to the public.

The $200 VIP CLub Card is worth $200 in hotel and resort savings.

No Strings, No Gimmicks, No Commitments.

The VIP Club Card allows non-members 100% FREE usage of the GOODLIFE USA hotel booking engine with prices unavailable to the public.  They can now search over 950,000 hotels and resorts worldwide. 

You have heard of Expedia and Priceline because of their advertising.  (Expedia and Priceline own a majority of the online travel agencies.) Unlike the multi-million dollar TV & radio ad budgets of Expedia, Priceline, and other popular booking websites, GoodLife USA uses their marketing dollars for compensating Independent Business Owners for sharing the good life. 

Every card is a win/win scenario!  When someone donates to your non profit, they receive a VIP Club Card as a “Thank You”, for example – $10. They save up to $200 and your organization keeps 100% of the $10.  If you have 50 members and each member gives away to their friends and neighbors just 5 cards with a donation of $10 each, your organization will earn $2,500.

Just decide on either a time frame to offer the cards.  We will provide you with the flyer and order form.  At the end of the fundraising period email or fax us the order forms.  Then we will get the cards to you to distribute.  It is that simple.


  • No Cost to your organization
  • Your members receive special offers and discounts
  • The funds you raise are only limited by the number of participants

Comparison to other programs:

The Good Connection

  • We set it up for you
  • Promotion is easy
  • Need only 1 volunteer
  • Easy to budget – you know exactly how much you will make
  • No cost to organization
  • No selling
  • Members don’t have to buy product
  • Members don’t have to sell product to their friends

Other Programs

  • You have to really work it and often have to set it up
  • Promotion is hard work
  • Need many volunteers
  • Cannot budget accurately
  • Often have to buy product to sell
  • Have to sell
  • Have to sell more to make more
  • Members have to buy product
  • Members have to sell product to their friends